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Grimsby Town Football Club - Home Ground Blundell Park in Cleethorpes - visit 6th August 2019

The only football club in the Football League who play all of their home games away from home!

During the 1935 - 36 season Grimsby Town were a well respected First Division team and began their FA Cup campaign in the 3rdround of the competition on 14thJanuary 1936 by beating Hartlepool United 4 -1. Victories followed in the fourth and fifth rounds against Port Vale (25thJanuary) and Manchester City (15thFebruary). For the quarter final played on Leap Year Day, Grimsby Town with ground advantage ran out 3-1 winners against Middlesbrough. Grimsby Town then played the mighty Arsenal in their semi final match on 21stMarch at the Leeds Road ground of Huddersfield Town, to lose by the only goal 0-1. Arsenal went on to triumph 1-0 over Sheffield United at Wembley on 25thApril to win the FA Cup. It was that these results set the scene for the names to be allocated to the first four new B17s out shopped from North Road Works, Darlington during March 1936 - to herald the first of ‘The Footballers’.

2848 Arsenal (FA Cup Winners)

2849 Sheffield United (Losing finalists)

2850 Grimsby Town (Losing semi-finalists, Winners - Quarter Final)

2851 Derby County (Losing Quarter Finalists to Fulham who were outside of the LNER area)

No. 61650 Grimsby Town was withdrawn and broken up at Doncaster in 1960. Fortunately, one of the original nameplates was presented to the football club soon afterwards, where it has been faithfully preserved and is displayed at the Blundell Park ground.  

More recently, and through the interest and help from Stephen Marley, a new member who joined us this year from Grimsby, the trust prepared a framed photo and a summary of the service history of 61650 Grimsby Town, to be presented to the football club for display next to the nameplate. Brian hall (chairman) and Tony Brzosko (member) visited Blundell Park on 6thAugust to meet John Fenty who is the major shareholder of the club and Stephen Marley (Director) to make the presentation. Stephen kindly conveyed us to Blundell Park from Grimsby Town station where we were introduced to John Fenty. This was followed by a ‘whistle stop’ tour of the ground hosted by John and covered every inch of the seating and facilities in each stand including players and officials changing rooms, the match day control and media commentary centres and of course the pitch itself which was in tip top condition. En route, John introduced us to each member of staff busily pursuing the many and varied activities that continue behind the scenes each day of the week in support of the club. Educational facilities provided for young people were also demonstrated and many illustrations and charts were evident on the tour to celebrate the many footballing highlights, achievements and personalities from previous seasons, which created a sense of pride and heritage for the benefit of the club, the ‘home’ supporters and visitors too. John Fenty excused himself at this point to attend an important Town Council Meeting after first being thanked for permitting and conducting this visit.

The nameplate including the half football with club colours on each side was considered to be ‘the family silver’ and took pride of place in the boardroom. The presentation was made to Stephen Marley on behalf of Grimsby Town Football Club by Brian on behalf of the Management team and all Members of the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust, to eventually draw the visit to a conclusion. Grateful thanks were expressed to Stephen Marley for his personal help in arranging this very informative and interesting visit.

MVI Grimsby TFC 2a 06Aug19

Special thanks are due to B17 SLT Members: Geoff Eldridge for preparing the framed photos, Peter Wright for researching the service record of 61650 and Tony Brzosko for his photo record of the visit.

Owners of 'Helmingham Hall' nameplate is announced - February 2019

The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust are pleased to announce that one of the original nameplates from Class B17 61647 HELMINGHAM HALL was recently donated to them by the original owner Berwyn Stevens who once lived in Halstead, Essex. The nameplate was purchased from British Railways Doncaster Works soon after disposal of the locomotive for the staggering sum of £7 & 10 shillings, which represented the scrap cost of 75lb of brass at that time.

HH plate on fstay brake reduced 'Helmingham Hall' nameplate took pride of place on the mainframe structure of 'Spirit of Sandringham' at Llangollen recently, as shown here. The face of the nameplate is to be restored to the original colour and finish.
The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust wish to acknowledge and thank Berwyn Stevens for this most kind gesture, which demonstrates his personal interest and support in the 'Spirit of Sandringham' project by donating the nameplate and entrusting its ownership to us.

Progress on 'Spotlight on Specifics' in Schools - January 2019 update

This coming week sees the first Moderation Trial for Design Assignments in A Level Design and Technology. All the trial schools completed their first Design Assignment before Christmas, and this coming week, we will meet with STEM Co-ordinators and examples of students work in order to standardise our levels of assessment. This will be repeated after completion of the second Assignment in March.

On Sunday 20/1/2019, I was invited to attend a 'Burns Lunch' at New Hall School, Chelmsford, Essex - one of our trial schools. During the lunch the Welcome to the Haggis was given by Arthur Jarvis (previously Senior Draughtsman at North British Locomotive Works), the Toast to the Lassies was given by myself and the Reply was given by Ms Elizabeth Hope (Vice Chair of Chelmsford Lions). Following the formal speeches, I was invited to talk to the guests about the work of the Trust, with particular reference to our work in Schools. In all, there were 62 guests present and this certainly represented a different audience for the Trust. I hope that we might get other invitations in the future.    Report by Larry Sampson.


Educational Support Initiative

In an attempt to inspire a younger generation with this new build Steam Project, the Trust is developing a range of Educational Support Materials for Secondary School students in England and Wales. These materials are entitled 'Spotlight on Specifics' and focus on GCSE Science and GCE A Level Design and Technology. At GCSE level, they comprise specific Lesson Plans/Practical sessions, whilst at A level they comprise specific Design Assignments; all related to Steam Power and its applications.

These materials are used by the Subject Teacher with help from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Coordinator in each School and cover all relevant topics in the course. Currently we are testing these materials in 5 trial Schools; progress will be evaluated by the Trust, STEM and representatives from the DfE (Department of Education) at the end of the first year. It is hoped that the completed Support Materials will be available to all schools following a successful trial.

The program is aimed at developing students’ understanding of scientific principle, as well as to inspire them with the possibilities for Engineering in the 21st Century. If any school would like to find out more, please contact Larry Sampson on 07749 317373.

Manufacture of new Spring Hooks

We are informed that Network Rail is to place an order for new spring hooks for its LNER Tenders used as snow ploughs. The A1 SLT have been invited to add to this order for their P2 and V4 Tenders, and we have also received an invitation to add to the order, as have other owners of LNER locomotives. This would result in a considerable saving to all concerned because of the number involved. The Trust have decided to add to the Order and make an appropriate saving, particularly as this does not pre-empt a decision on any one clear solution to our final Tender design.
Members preferences will be considered when assessments have been conducted and we hope that Members appreciate the opportunity to make savings, even if a little out of order.
Directors visit P2 Project at Darlington - 15th October 2018

Several directors were involved in a visit to The P2 Steam Locomotive Trust's premises at Darlington, where they had a guided tour of the new build P2 by David Elliott, chief designer of both the A1 'Tornado', and the P2 to be named 'Prince of Wales'. Progress is impressive on this magnificent locomotive; the directors were shown aspects of the design learnings that can also be applied to 'Spirit of Sandringham' - remembering that our drawings are produced by David Elliott.

Whilst at the works, a conversation was had on locomotive tyres whilst looking at a spare set of Tornados tyres; at 6'8", these are the same size as a B17's tyres!

Our thanks to David Elliott and The P2 Steam Locomotive Trust for hosting us.

P2 visit

Brian Hall and Richard Taylor listening to David Elliott. Photo by John Pearson.

61673 Constructors Club 

Larry Sampson spoke of the 61673 Constructors Club, introduced for members and non-members to maintain the next phases of the project programme involving larger and more expensive components for the construction task. The on-going appeal is based upon sums of £616.73 payable in equal monthly amounts for periods of up to three years for which benefits are provided in return for contributions. (Information leaflets accompany this newsletter or may also be obtained from the Trust).

B17 SLT working with Schools and STEM 2018/2019

Good progress has been made on the educational support materials for use in 5 trial Schools this academic year. Material has been written in collaboration with STEM to support GCSE Science and A Level Design and Technology linked to the Spirit of Sandringham Project. The materials are delivered by the STEM Co-ordinator in each School in conjunction with the Teaching Staff and this work is entitled 'Spotlight on Specifics'. At the end of the year the experience will be evaluated by STEM, the B17SLT and HMI with a view to making the materials available nationally at an appropriate cost. In the interim, our progress is being monitored during Parliament Week in November and more information can be obtained from the Trust.

Media and Marketing 

John Peat highlighted that whilst topical news coverage and advertising about the 'Spirit of Sandringham' project was continuing satisfactorily via the top railway magazines and related online agencies, further successes had been achieved with the local press and periodicals of general interest in parts of East Anglia. Similarly, John had arranged feature items about B17s for publication in railway society journals prevalent in East Anglia such as the Great Eastern, M & GN Joint and the Bure Valley Railway. Some examples were on display which illustrated some of the opportunities identified earlier and possibly appropriate for other Local Area Groups to pursue. 

Community Rail Partnerships 

Initiatives with local community rail partnerships across parts of Norfolk and Suffolk were also relevant, particularly associated with the common interest of railways, once the stamping ground of B17s, opening up opportunities to publicise the 'Spirit of Sandringham' project to regular rail users, visitors and enthusiasts.

Members' Survey 

John Peat explained that a member’s survey seeking views on a wide range of topics in the form of a questionnaire was planned for the Autumn period. This would involve a cross section of members selected at random with the distribution carried out via the Local Area Groups. This activity was last conducted three years ago. Once analysed, results will be shared with all members in the New Year. 

Promotional Activities 

Richard Taylor rose to the challenge in taking on the arrangement of Sales and Events from Geoff Starns at the end of 2017, explaining that certain new venues had been attended to embrace a wider audience whilst also maintaining a presence at familiar heritage railway locations and exhibitions. He thanked the volunteers without whose hard work and dedication our promotional activities could not have covered the diverse activities and venues visited during the year. Visual displays charted a mix of manufactured parts and processes, mainframe construction status, programme information and photos of B17s representing both LNER and British Railway periods. The work of our volunteers at the interface with the public continues to be a vital factor in encouraging new members to join the project and had clearly been successful. In some cases, new members had willingly volunteered their services during the period which was greatly appreciated. Grateful thanks to all members who had helped during another record-breaking year. 

Research Activities 

Peter Wright recounted the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the inaugural service of the East Anglian consisting of six new purpose-built carriages with the capability of providing full dining facilities at each passenger’s seat, hauled by two streamlined B17s. He highlighted some of the many visitors to our promotional stand manned by each team at Norwich, Ipswich and Liverpool Street Stations and the benefits obtained by the Trust. Next Peter explained that his research (also shared with John Peat) had identified opportunities for further commemorative events associated with naming ceremonies of B17 engines and named trains which were once hauled by them. He was currently preparing a dossier to support these initiatives and provide further opportunities to promote the Spirit of Sandringham project. On a personal note, Peter thanked all members and friends who had either visited him or communicated with him during his recent illness. 

Members' Day Out 

John Pearson captured the Member’s Day out to the North Norfolk Railway in June with a series of photos which showed off the brand-new headboard bearing our name kindly sponsored by two members, present on the outing. In perfect weather, the train left Sheringham with a full complement on board, enjoying the seaside views whilst taking coffee + Danish with the Gresley N2 0-6-0 resplendent in Great Northern green numbered 1744 in charge. Visits were made to the Works and Signal Box at Weybourne giving time to view locomotives and carriages under restoration or repair with ample opportunity to speak with staff who explained some of the history and amazing facts about their work and the vehicles involved. In the Signal Box, the signalman described the sequential operations involved with the handling of approaching trains from either Sheringham or Holt. 

Back on the train, a superb lunch provided by the catering staff on board was enjoyed by all members at their seats as they chatted amongst themselves watching the world go by. John highlighted the usual raffle held amongst members whilst on board the train and then to journey’s end soon after 4 o’clock. He continued that it was an enjoyable day out as expressed by our members and indeed the staff who between them had established an excellent camaraderie. In conclusion, John reminded the meeting of suggested venues for consideration at next year’s member’s day out (2019) and invited feedback later in the meeting. Thanks to Geoff Starns who arranged and organised the event (but could not join us) and to John Peat and Roger Smale who ensured that everyone had a copy of the day’s programme and was directed to their seat.


The Chairman reported that the new contract for independent assessment to verify engineering design, manufacture, construction and additionally the management of safety risks in relation to certifying Spirit of Sandringham for mainline operation had commenced from January 2018 with Ricardo Rail Ltd, of Derby. This was compliant with new Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB) processes issued for new build steam from December 2017. 

During March 2018 a representative of Ricardo Rail Ltd, conducted an initial audit of the skills and competencies of the Llangollen Team and also of the mainframe structure and frame stays including related engineering build standard controls and manufacturing records resulting in a successful outcome. For the construction task, trial fitting of frame stays between the frames had demonstrated successful alignment with the full fit planned by the end of October. A further audit is planned, this time to inspect the completed mainframe structure with the Ricardo Rail representative present. 

For the rolling chassis, design work was reported as well advanced for hornblock castings and horn stays which when released will form the first components to be manufactured. 3D models of the rolling chassis were displayed showing the order of manufacture and assembly of axles and wheelsets leading to final fitting beneath the frames. It was explained that this would incur considerable cost by virtue of large components and sub-assemblies being involved over a two-year period and dependent upon the availability of sufficient funds. The wheels of course continue to be the subject of ‘Who will put a Spoke in My Wheel’ campaign and it is pleasing to report that at the time of writing the very latest status is that wheel 2 is completely funded with four spokes of the third wheel also funded – an excellent result!! 


Henry Mullens commented on various aspects of the Trust’s audited finances, outlining the strong position the Trust finds itself in with increasing contributions, aided by Gift Aid where appropriate.

Election of Officers 

For the re-election of Directors consisting of Brian Hall, Henry Mullens and John Pearson, all received a unanimous vote of confidence to be re-elected by the meeting. 

A. O. B. 

No resolutions or questions were received. 

Discussion Forum 

a) Members' Day Out 

This session was chaired by Larry Sampson. As a result of the time overrun on the first part of the meeting, discussion was confined to the proposed Member’s Day Out for 2019 and Member’s preferences with respect to operation of each of the two tenders owned by the Trust. 

An initial straw poll of the meeting indicated that only a minority had participated in one of the previous four annual outings. Member’s response in prioritising their decision to participate or not was summarised as :- the local area, favoured venue – past experience, memorable views and pleasant surroundings, preferred railway attraction, opportunity for train rides, sightseeing and interesting walks and cost. 

Members requested details of the Day Out be publicised early in January (for personal planning) to fit in with their personal commitments. 

By a show of hands, favoured railway locations were :- North Norfolk, Llangollen, Great Central, Nene Valley and Epping & Ongar. The Museum of Power at Maldon or a steam powered paddle steamer was also suggested. 

b) Tenders 

The LNER Group Standard and Great Eastern tenders owned by the Trust represent both types used by B17s in service. The former was known to have been coupled to a Class J39 0-6-0 but usage of the latter is not known. Both require thorough overhaul and restoration. Water capacity is a critical factor for mainline running and so both will require an assessment to determine how this could be improved, whilst also considering constraints for operating on the mainline railway. It was also noted that the Great Eastern tender exhibited evidence of provenance with respect to its heritage insomuch that one of the axle/wheelsets was marked with the name of the manufacturer, date and number indicating a direct link to B17 No. 2802. Steel samples of the axle when analysed confirmed the probable date of manufacture to be 1927/1928.


2018 Rail Art Calendar

The January Illustration of Malcolm Root's 2018 Rail Art Calendar features ''Sandringham at Home'', a view of pioneer B17 61600 on a passenger train at Royal station Wolferton.

Other illustrations in the area which B17s operated are:- April, a pre war scene with B4 5181 approaching March station with a local passenger train from Lincoln. June, a portrait of the Great Central war memorial engine ''Valour'' at Neasden shed. October, a 1950s scene at Wrabness with a J15 performing shunting duties and finally December, a very atmospheric scene on a foggy day at Norwich with 'Claud' 62564 arriving with a local passenger train. Other views around the country feature a 'Bullied' on the turntable at Weymouth, a local train in the lake district, the Nith Valley, Sonning Cutting, the narrow gauge Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, an A4 at Gleneagles and Duchess of Sutherland. The 2018 Rail Art Calendar is in the shops now.

Full size prints on good quality art paper of ''Sandringham at Home'' are available from The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust at £65 each + £5 postage and packing. The ideal Christmas present for the discerning Art or Railway enthusiast.