WHAT   To build and operate an LNER class B17 Sandringham locomotive

          WHY      To bring back to life a much loved locomotive that did not survive into preservation

HOW      As a charitable trust using traditional UK based manufacturing wherever possible to ensure continuity of traditional engineering skills

          WHEN    In keeping with a realistic project plan commensurate with the incoming rate of finance


The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust aims to create an LNER Class B17 4-6-0 express passenger locomotive in compliance with Railway Group Standards for operation on the mainline network and heritage railways in this country. Improvements in performance, reliability and maintenance are planned by the careful introduction of design changes to the original technical baseline.

The engine will be capable of operating with either the GE tender or the larger LNER Group Standard tender normally used by B17s, both of which are owned by the trust. Appropriate certification will be progressively obtained in conjunction with the Vehicle Acceptance Body and Railway Authorities.

 The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust (B17 SLT) was formed as an organisation with charitable status in 2011. The Trust will provide benefit to the public and specialised institutions, training establishments and schools by the advancement of education, engineering science and heritage relating to design, development, construction and operation of the B17. This will be achieved.by using UK based manufacturing wherever possible to ensure retention and development of engineering skills through training and development opportunities.



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